My Real Helper "Expired Referrals" Collection

Scott Levitt
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Do you know what gives you an edge when it comes to winning expired listings? Referrals from friends and family who know the disappointed home owner. While others are cold calling and pitching their best, the agent with a personal referral jumps the line every time. 

This collection from My Real Helper includes materials you can use to earn expired referrals. 

This includes: 

  • (1) Long letter soliciting expired referrals
  • (1) Short letter soliciting expired referrals
  • (8) Facebook Status updates fishing for expired referrals

The Facebook Status Updates are written by professional social media copywriters with years of experience writing posts that earn likes and shares... don't neglect your social media network (and the "friends of friends" effect that earns you second-tier referrals!). 

When you download this collection you'll receive a PDF with instructions and an overview of the content. You'll also receive the original Word .doc files you can edit/customize as well as a plain text file you can refer to when copying/pasting letters and statuses online. 

Get that personal referral edge on your next round of expired listings!

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